Jobe Defiant 67 '' (170cm) Slalom Ski Mono-Ski - Set with or without bindings

Item number 262316001-Focus Front Black Std. + Focus RTP

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<img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-4STAGE.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="This rocker is designed to provide 4 specific flat spots which enable the ski to perform during the various phases of the slalom course: deceleration, pre-turn, hook up, and acceleration. This allows the ski to have fast acceleration, while still having great turning characteristics."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-EDGE.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="This concave is designed to generate a true edge holding capability, while still maintaining real control."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-PCORE.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="The more traditional foam core is a moulded core that still produces functionality and durability. Widely used in most mid-level water skis on todayu2019s market."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-CARBONFIBER.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="This layup is constructed with both carbon fibre and fibreglass materials. The composite construction of this layup gives characteristics of a full carbon construction, but is slightly more affordable than a 100% carbon layup."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-COMPFIN.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="Our fully adjustable fin system allows for the finest of adjustments to personalise your ski to suit the individual skier. The sure lock system is a 2-part body that enables a clamp method of the fin blade, with the fine adjustment screws for setting and benchmarks."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-CHEATER.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="We have developed a unique low side wall profile fin foil that minimises drag and water turbulence while still producing the same surface area. This enables the ski to slow down and drop the tail into the water during the turns.">

Jobe Defiant 67 '' (170cm) slalom ski mono-ski

• The concave shape was designed to provide better lateral support without sacrificing control of the ski.

• The rocker is designed so that it has 4 flattened areas that are used during a slalom ride: braking, pre-turn, hook up and acceleration. This enables the skis to accelerate again quickly and with great cornering behavior.

• The surface material is a mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass. The mixture of this surface material shows the same characteristics of a carbon construction, but is a little cheaper than the 100% carbon variant.

• The more classic foam core is a cast core that still stands for functionality and durability. This is most likely used in mid-range skis on today's market.

• Our fully adjustable fin system allows even the smallest adjustments and personalizations that are individually tailored to the driver. The Sure-Lock-System consists of 2 parts and can be adjusted very precisely with screws.

• Jobe has developed a unique low-side, side-profile fin film that reduces drag and water turbulence while maintaining the same surface area. This ensures that the ski slows down a little and lies lower when cornering.

The Defiant enjoys all of the influence of the water ski industry. A ski that turns well and is very directional. Our unique edge design enables the driver to have the ski under control at all times. That is what gives satisfaction and security.

The controlled flat spot ensures that you can edge as easily and yet as hard as you want. When you come out of the curve, the acceleration is waiting to be released. The Defiant has a carbon / glass fiber surface and a polyurethane core. This ensures a high flex with enormous rigidity.

The Defiant is a slalom ski with cornering behavior and stability that is second to none. The concave underside merges into a specially tested and designed edge shape, which gives the ski a rock-solid hold during the edge and in the curve. The flat spot lets the ski edge sharply or less sharply, as the skier wishes, and the whole thing without a lot of physical activity.

Riding this ski will give skiers of all skill levels maximum control and great fun. Also a suitable slalom ski for children and teenagers. The Defiant has a hybrid carbon / fiberglass cover with a polyurethane core and an adjustable competition fin.

Scope of delivery Defiant Slalom 67 '' optional / RRP:
Defiant Slalom Ski Blank & Fins (without bindings) - EUR 549.99.
Defiant Slalom with Focus Front Silver and Focus RTP - EUR 729.99
Defiant Slalom with Focus Front White and Focus RTP - EUR 759.99
Defiant Slalom with Focus Front Black and Focus RTP - EUR 779.99
Defiant Slalom with Comfort Front and RTP aluminum - EUR 829.99

Available binding sizes:
Focus Front Std = 38-42
Focus Front XL = 43-48
Comfort Front 8/11 = 41-45
Comfort Front 11/14 = 45-48

More information about the bindings:
The Defiant's bindings are mounted on the inserts embedded in the ski with special screws to ensure optimal ease of use and individual adjustment options with maximum comfort.

<img src="/layout/wafra/size_charts/traditional-slalom-skis.png" alt="SlalomSki">

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