Jobe Baron Slalom Ski Mono-Ski - 69Inch (175cm) Water Ski package deal with Binding

Item number 262316005-Focus Front Black XL + Focus Adj. RTP

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<img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-3STAGE.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="A more traditional rocker design, which incorporates a flat spot under the binding section and variable rocker design for the tail section."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-EDGE.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="This concave is designed to generate a true edge holding capability, while still maintaining real control."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-PCORE.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="The more traditional foam core is a moulded core that still produces functionality and durability. Widely used in most mid-level water skis on todayu2019s market."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-FIBER.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="A traditional layup constructed from fibreglass cloth material is used to give specific flex characteristics for different areas of the ski. This method offers great durability and is the standard method of construction for performance-oriented skis."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-STANFIN.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="This is our tried and true drop through aluminium fin that allows front and backwards movement with a proven performance blade shape.">

Jobe Baron Slalom Ski Mono-Ski - 69Inch (175cm) Water Ski

• This concave shape has been designed to provide better lateral support without compromising control of the ski.
• A more traditional rocker design with a flattened area under the binding and a variable rocker shape in the tail area.
• A traditional fiberglass surface material that gives different parts of the ski different flex characteristics. It's durable and is the standard on performance-oriented skis.
• The more classic foam core is a cast core that still stands for functionality and durability. This is most likely used in mid-range skis on the market today.
• This is our tried and tested solution: The drop-through aluminum fin, which allows for forward and backward movements while maintaining its tried and tested shape.

Designed to enjoy. Level: carving and slalom
The Baron was developed for carving sessions and advanced slalom riders. Because the Baron has a traditional ski shape, performance is as good as guaranteed. Due to the fiberglass layup and the narrowed tail area, the ski lies deeper in the water, which makes it easier to take turns. The combination of design and performance gives the ski a large “sweet spot” that ensures a smooth ride.

The Baron is the reintroduction of achievement and pleasure!

Scope of delivery / Variants / RRP:
Baron Slalom Ski Blank & Fins (without bindings) - EUR 349.99.
Baron Slalom with Focus Front Silver and Focus RTP - EUR 549.99
Baron Slalom with Focus Front White and Focus RTP - EUR 559.99
Baron Slalom with Focus Front Black and Focus RTP - EUR 579.99
Baron Slalom with Comfort Front and RTP aluminum - EUR 629.99

Available binding sizes (EU):
Focus Front Std = 38-42
Focus Front XL = 43-48
Comfort Front 8/11 = 41-45
Comfort Front 11/14 = 45-48

More information about the bindings:
The bindings of the Baron are mounted on the inserts embedded in the ski with special screws in order to ensure optimal ease of use and individual adjustment options with maximum comfort.

<img src="/layout/wafra/size_charts/traditional-slalom-skis.png" alt="SlalomSki">

<a href="/layout/wafra/manuals/ski_kneeboards/waterski_manual.eng.pdf" target="blank"> <h3>Waterski Manual</h3> <img src="/layout/wafra/img/pdf.png" alt="anleitung"> </a>