Jobe Baron Slalom Ski Mono-Ski 65inch (165cm) Slalom Ski Water Ski

Item number Focus Front Black XL + Focus RTP

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<img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-3STAGE.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="A more traditional rocker design, which incorporates a flat spot under the binding section and variable rocker design for the tail section."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-EDGE.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="This concave is designed to generate a true edge holding capability, while still maintaining real control."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-PCORE.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="The more traditional foam core is a moulded core that still produces functionality and durability. Widely used in most mid-level water skis on todayu2019s market."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-FIBER.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="A traditional layup constructed from fibreglass cloth material is used to give specific flex characteristics for different areas of the ski. This method offers great durability and is the standard method of construction for performance-oriented skis."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/slalom_ski/S-STANFIN.jpg" alt="Slalom Ski" title="This is our tried and true drop through aluminium fin that allows front and backwards movement with a proven performance blade shape.">

Jobe Baron Slalom Ski Mono-Ski 65inch (165cm) Slalom Ski Water Ski

• 3-step bending (3-Stage Rocker)
• Edge-to-edge concavity for better traction
• Foam core
• Standard aluminum slalom fin
• High pressure molded fiberglass

• This concave shape was designed to provide better lateral support without sacrificing control of the ski.
• A more traditional rocker design with a flattened area under the binding and a variable rocker shape in the rear area.
• A traditional fiberglass surface material that gives different parts of the ski different flex characteristics. It's durable and is the standard on performance-oriented skis.
• The more classic foam core is a cast core that still stands for functionality and durability. This is most likely used in mid-range skis on the market today.

Based on a more traditional ski shape the Baron has performance and support built in. We started with our well known 1650 design and narrowed up the tail slightly to allow the back of the ski to sit deeper in the water and initiate turns easier. We then added specially designed bevels and an improved rocker line, giving this ski great edge holding ability through the wakes. All this along with a larger sweet spot, to help suit a broad range of styles and varying levels of skier. The Baron will reintroduce performance and enjoyment to the pleasure skier.

Ski Style: Performance
Skill Level: Entrance to Competition
Size: 65''
Inserted: The complete range of Jobe skis is inserted and all bindings are plate mounted and include a pivot rear plate system.
This allows the ski to be fine tuned for individual binding placement preferences.
Fin: Aluminum drop through and foil.

Delivery contents: Baron 65Inch (165cm) Blank & Fins

<img src="/layout/wafra/size_charts/traditional-slalom-skis.png" alt="SlalomSki">

<a href="/layout/wafra/manuals/ski_kneeboards/waterski_manual.eng.pdf" target="blank"> <h3>Waterski Manual</h3> <img src="/layout/wafra/img/pdf.png" alt="anleitung"> </a>