Spinera Relax Youth Neopren Vest - 50 N

Item number 18291

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Spinera Relax Youth Neoprene Vest - 50 N Children Neoprene Vest Life Jacket

• CE according to EN ISO 12402-5 50N approved vest
• PWC softfoam core for best lift
• drainage system
• Color: green / yellow
• Size: Junior 30-40 kg

Size information:
Bodyweight: approx. 30-40 kg
Chest Size: 64-74
EEC: 35N

The Spinera neoprene vests for kids are very popular with both boys and girls, as they can be easily put on and taken off with the front zipper and a two-buckle system. They are made of soft neoprene and PVC foam for a comfortable fit, best protection and a great look.

These impact protection vests provide optimal lift and are the ideal companion for all boat, kneeboard, wakeboard and waterski activities both on the cable and behind the boat. The lifejackets are tested according to standard EN ISO 12402.5.

Everyone looks great in this vest! This vest stands for safety, as well as freedom of movement. For youngsters with style.
Ingenious neo vest for kids and teens in top quality and workmanship with optimal fit.

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