Progress Neo Vest Youth Blue - Kids neoprene vest 69-76cm (2XL)

Item number 244913006

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Progress Neo Vest Youth Blue - Kids neoprene vest 69-76cm (2XL)

Specifications / Features:
50N ISO Approved: 50N swimming aid, CE according to ISO 12402.5
Neo Fabric: Soft neoprene that offers maximum comfort.
D-ring: connector for a safety line.
WDS: water drainage system that ensures faster water drainage and thus faster drying.
PVC Foam: Soft, comfortable foam that provides additional buoyancy in the water.

Neoprene impact protection vest for children and adolescents
The Progress Neo vests for children are very popular because they are very easy to put on and take off thanks to the front zip and two buckle systems.

They are made of soft neoprene and PVC foam for a comfortable fit, best protection and a great look. This impact protection vest has optimal buoyancy and is the ideal companion for all boat, wakeboard and water ski activities both on the cable and behind the boat.

You can also wear this children's vest to learn to swim or snorkel.
The vests are tested in accordance with the EN ISO 12402.5 standard.

Top product, great quality and fit!

When determining the chest size, calculate any wetsuits that may have been worn with an additional 2cm.
Basically tend to larger clothing sizes (order the vest one size larger)