Jobe Comfort Boating Vest Youth Yellow

Item number 244817374-4XS

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Water sports is all about safety!

Protect your mini-me with super strong nylon and lightweight foam. This 100N life jacket is manufactured for the best floatation. Moreover, it is certified according to ISO 12402. Due to its reflective panels and non-clog whistle, this vest is perfect for a careless day on the water! This vest is equipped with a collar and crotch straps to guarantee optimal safety.

• 100N ISO-certified (life jacket) according to ISO 12402
• Lightweight PE-foam
• Front zipper for fast entry
• Strong & lightweight nylon fabric
• 1,5" Adjustable webbing strap (1x)
• 1" Adjustable webbing strap (1x)
• Strong YKK Buckles
• Strong YKK Zipper
• Crotch straps for optimal safety
• Bright color & reflecting panels for optimal visibility
• Whistle in case of emergency
• Unisex fit