Jobe Progress Nylon Vest Women

Item number 244815008-2XL

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Jobe Progress Nylon Vest Women

• 50N ISO-certified (according to norm EN ISO 12402.5)
• Lightweight PE-foam
• Front zipper for fast entry
• Strong & lightweight nylon fabric
• 1,5" Adjustable webbing straps (2x)
• Strong YKK Buckles
• Strong YKK Zipper
• Improved sizing for comfort & safety!
• Safety D-ring for attachment emergency cord
• Water drainage system

This 50N ISO-certified (according to norm EN ISO 12402.5) strong and sturdy nylon vest is manufactured with super strong and lightweight nylon fabric and soft PE-foam on the inside. Adjustable webbing straps give this pretty-in-pink vest the perfect fit and optimal comfort.

We continue to impress you with a front zipper for easy entry and strong YKK buckles. Our designers stayed up late to make sure Jobe's nylon vest has a perfect fit, to guarantee ultimate safety. Please see the size-table for more information.