Titan Helmet Metallic Black protective helmet size S - remaining stocks

Item number 370807002

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Titan Helmet Metallic Black size S

• A must for the dedicated rider
• Known from all the Pro’s
• Comfortable fit
• Quick dry
• Removable ear protection with
• Easy adjustable straps around the chin
• A must for every dedicated driver.

The Titan Helmets are known by the professionals of the wakeboard scene. With their ultra cool, casual look, they are a must for every dedicated driver. Quick-drying helmet, especially for boat and water sports activities, with removable ear flaps (earmuffs) and individually adjustable chin straps.

Available sizes (head circumference):
S (53-54cm)

TIPS for a correct sizing:
The Titan Helmet is made according to the clothing size. So you just have to measure the head circumference and compare it with the sizes given here in order to order the correct size.