JOBE Achelos Helmet White Gloss - Gr. 53-54cm (S)

Item number 21-5710

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Jobe Achelos Helmet White Gloss - head circumference 53-54 (S)

• Helmet tested according to CE 1385 standard
• With removable ear protection
• Small outer shell for sizes XS, S and M
• Larger outer shell for sizes L and XL
• Can be adjusted to the head size in the back area
• Adjustable chin strap
• Duraflex © side division
• EVA foam inside the helmet
• Including adjustment pads for a perfect fit
• Artwork (waterproof stickers, intensely colored)
• Subtle Art Work

Sliders, ramps, kickers and extreme tricks are becoming more and more popular. The Jobe Achelos Helmet protects users from serious head injuries and should be worn during water sports such as wakeboarding!