Hustler Helmet Skull Grey Rubber Watersport Safety Helmet S (55-56cm)

Item number 371009001

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Hustler Helmet Skull Grey Rubber size S

• Soft material for great comfort.
• Including earmuffs.
• Especially for water sports.
• Comfortable fit / quick drying.
• Adjustable strap under the chin.
• Rubber design.

Sliders, ramps, kickers and extreme tricks are becoming more and more popular. The Hustler helmets protect users from serious head injuries and should be used during water sports activities such as must be worn when wakeboarding! Including removable earmuffs (hearing protection) and spacers made of foam to vary the helmet size even more.

Available sizes (head circumference):
S (55-56cm)

TIPS for correct size:
Due to production, the Hustler helmets are at least one size larger, which is why we have already corrected the individual sizes and changed the size information by 2cm (example: size S now corresponds to 55-56cm instead of 53-54cm, as stated by the manufacturer).

Nevertheless, the following rule of thumb still applies - rather tend towards smaller helmet sizes!