Jobe Progress Shorty Full Flex 2.5/2.0 Men Wetsuit

Item number 303613013-S

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2.5/2: 2.5mm neoprene on chest and back for added warmth and slightly thinner 2.0mm neoprene on legs and arms for more freedom of movement.

Fullflex: Our most comfortable suit, made of 100% Full Flex Neoprene and designed to provide ultimate freedom of movement.

Thermo: Not only does neoprene provide warmth, but this thermo lining gives you additional warmth during the colder days of the year and greater comfort thanks to a soft feel interior.

Water-repellent Panels: Mesh panels on the outside of the suit are water-repellent and therefore provided added warmth.

Flatlock: A comfortable flat stitch construction that is soft to the skin and super strong.

Liquid Tape Seals: A type of wetsuit seal that is both soft and comfortable, while preventing water entry. It can consist of double or single barriers, both of which act to help keep the suit in position.

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