Jobe Discover Shoes Lace Lime - Casual Aqua and leisure Shoes

Item number 594616103-36

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Model 2016

Just like the rest of the Discover series, the Shoe Lace has a casual look. It is perfect to wear during every kind of leisure activity both on ánd off your board. Due to the use of water-permeable material, extra eyelets on the side and tiny holes in the insole, this sneaker dries up in no-time. The use of neoprene on the inside ensures extra comfort while the outsole is specially designed to have extra grip on your board.

US-Size: 4,5 up to 11
• Ideal shoes for all water sports activities and also for leisure time
• Comfortable and warm
• Soft comfortable sole
• Air mesh for water draining

These super soft and comfy shoes will keep your feet warm. They’re outfitted with air mesh for water draining.