Jobe Porto Jacket 2mm Wetsuit Women

Item number 303818250-XS

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Jobe Porto Jacket 2mm Wetsuit Women

• 2 mm neoprene thickness
• Full stretch neoprene
• Soft, flexible & breathable stitched seams
• Front zipper for fast entry
• Feminine fit

We designed our Porto Jacket to create the ultimate combination with our Porto Long John. We added some innovations like aquaflush neoprene, which has a flushing and cooling effect.

100% nuclear flex technology for the ultimate feeling of freedom in movement. Moreover, we used a comfotable stitch for that soft feeling you're looking for on your SUP or jetski.

Delivery content:
Jobe Porto Jacket Neopren Jacket only.

The Porto Long John Neoprene trousers and Neoprene Vest pictured in individual pictures are not included in the delivery and have to be purchased separately!