JOBE Toronto Long John 2mm SUP Wetsuit Men

Item number 303819100-L

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JOBE Toronto Long John 2mm SUP Wetsuit Men

• 2 mm full stretch neoprene
• Breathable back knees
• Durable flatlock seams
• Improved velcro shoulder entry
• Large armholes for maximum freedom of movement
• Protective strong knee pads

Nothing beats a good two-piece suit! The Toronto Wetsuit is Long John wetsuit which you can combine with the matching Toronto Wetsuit Jacket. A not-so-average design equipped with technical features, clean lines and striking little details.

Large armholes will offer you freedom of movement while high-tech breathable neoprene panels will cool you down. Too cold? Just try on the matching jacket to save your day.

Too hot? Just stow your jacket away and enjoy the water.

Scope of delivery:
1 x Toronto Long John only.
The Toronto Jacket is not in the scope of delivery!