Jobe 6 Person Heavy Duty Towrope

Item number 442114001

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Jobe Towrope 6 person heavy duty tube line

• Length: 17m (55ft)
• For multi-person towables.
• Very strong, extra reinforced tow rope.
• 16 plaited with 152 strands.
• With additional float (buoyant).
• Breaking strenght: 6100 lbs / 2767 kg.
• Ideal for commercial use.

Extra strong, buoyant towrope with buoyancy for multi-person towables (multi-person inflatables) such as Watersleds, Multi Rider, Sofas, Donuts, Ringos, large bananas from Hypalon, etc. Ideal for tubes, skibobs and other large inflatable items for up to 6 rider. Thanks to the additional reinforcement, this heavy duty towrope can be used at rental stations and for commercial use without any problems.