AIRHEAD Tube Towable Tow Rope AHTR-42 for 4 people, 2 sections

Item number 1820184200

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AIRHEAD Tube Towable Tow Rope AHTR-42 for 4 riders, 2 sections

• Length: 18.3m
• 2 sections (60ft and 50ft).
• Max Riders: 4.
• 16 strand plaited rope.
• Very robust and durable.
• Very little stretch.
• Breaking strength: 4150 lbs (1882.4 kg).
• Including line winder with Velcro.

The Airhead AHTR-42 tube rope with additional float has a total length of 18.3m, consists of two sections and offers the option, depending on the nature of the wave and the water surface, to pull a towable with a distance of 15.2m (50ft) or 18.3m (60ft) behind the boat.

This high-performance towable rope has a very low stretch for safe tubing, is perfect for pulling tubes and bananas up to 4 people. It has a high breaking strength of 4150 lbs (1882.4kg) and meets all WSIA requirements for a 4 person tube. A line winder (Velcro tape with an eyelet for hanging) is included in the scope of delivery for a proper storage of the rope.