Spinera Ski Bridle Standard

Item number 19381

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Spinera Ski Bridle Standard

• Break Strength: 1860kg
• Strands: 16 / 12 orange + 4 white
• Carabiner: stainless galvaniced steel 
• Floating: Yes
• Color: Orange/White

Towing triangle with swimmers and very stable coated steel carabiners.

New: floating Rope! Keeps it on the surface of the water!

If your boat does not have a center tow pylon or a center towing hook (most older I/O’s, outboards, and pontoon boats), then you probably need a ski tow harness to equalize the pull of a skier/tuber/wakeboarder, etc. This is our least expensive option, and does its job quite nicely. 8' (2,44m) width, with two highstrength coated steel snap-hooks. A vinyl float to keep the rope out of the propeller. 12 Strand x 84 Filament Polypro Rope.