Spinera Horizontal Aquapark Mooring Combo (2x3m) Leash

Item number 19383

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Spinera Horizontal Aquapark Mooring Combo (2x3m) Leash

The Spinera Horizontal Aquapark Mooring Combo linen are ideal for connecting any water park elements or water park stand alone elements at the intended anchor points. Thanks to the elastic leash with a length of 2.30m, wind gusts, shocks from waves are permanently cushioned and compensated. The special stainless steel carabiners are designed not to corrode and are extremely resistant.

Max load: 1860 kg
In the end reinforced with highly resistant rubber
Carabiner: V4A stainless steel carabiner
Length: 3m / 2.30m are elastic / 0.7m are static
Colour: Red

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