Jobe Boston 3/2mm Blue Wetsuit Youth

Item number 303517351-2XL

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<img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-2520.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title=" 2.5 mm neoprene on the chest and back gives you extra protection from the elements and the slightly thinner 2.0 mm neoprene on the legs and arms provides maximum freedom of movement."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-COMF.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="A comfortable stitch construction that is soft on bare skin and super strong."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-HYDRO.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="Hydrophobic Skin panels on the outside of the suit and jacket are strategically positioned to help maintain warmth and repel water."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-BACK.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="Easy entry backzipper. The original!"><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-GS.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="Both soft and comfortable our Glide Skin seal prevents water from coming in and out.">

The best suit is a wetsuit. This one makes use of nuclear flex neoprene which gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom. Next to the fact that it simply looks good, the inside is ultra-soft due to a comfortable stitch construction. The added ultra-resistant and ultra-high endurance kneepads protect your knees against abrasion. Wow, I feel good.

3/2 mm neoprene
Full flex neoprene
Stitched construction

<img src="/layout/wafra/size_charts/howtomeasure.jpg" alt="wetsuits"><br /><br /><img src="/layout/wafra/size_charts/kinder_neoprenanzug.png" alt="wetsuits">