Jobe Perth Shorty 3/2mm Yellow Wetsuit Men M (50)

Item number 303617151-M

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3 mm neoprene on chest & back, 2 mm on other panels
Back zipper for fast entry
Durable flatlock seams
Full stretch neoprene
Strengthening tape inside

This wetsuit is made of 2.5 / 2 mm neoprene and is incredibly comfortable to wear. Nuclear-Flex-Neoprene also gives you the freedom of movement you need during your session.

Extremely elastic stretch neoprene suit made of Nuclear-Flex neoprene for warm waters with 2.5mm Ultra Flex neoprene on the body and 2.0mm on arms and legs. The suit is made of a 100% super stretchable material (Nuclearflex Neoprene), which adapts perfectly to the body. The fit is just great!

Since the suit is extremely elastic, it covers several sizes (examples: XL is normal size 54, with the Nuclear Flex the XL suit can even be worn with size 56). It is also the ideal suit for people with fitting problems.

Further highlights of the suit are tight-fitting sealing cuffs on the arm and leg cuffs, which keep cold water outside and warm water in the suit, then the particularly smooth-running YKK metal back zipper and the further improved, non-constricting special collar (neck cuff).

Upper-class wetsuit, made of absolutely high-quality neoprene and especially for boat and water sports activities such as wakeboarding, water skiing, kiting, diving, snorkeling, surfing, as well as for canoeing, jet skiing and outdoor fun sports equipment (tubes, bobs, banana, ocean rider, etc.) well suited.

Temperature recommendations:
Water sports activities on the water from approx. 12-15 ° C water temperature.
Diving, snorkeling from approx. 24-26 ° C water temperature, depending on how cold you feel.

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