Jobe Yukon 5/3mm Steamer Wetsuit Men

Item number 303517101-MT

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This wetsuit can be defined as the thickest in the range and takes industry standards to a whole new level. The aquakiller thermo-covered inside ensures that water is repelled from the skin, and leads it down for a dry feeling. All seams are covered with neoprene tape on the inside to garantuee maximum strength. Armed with detached ankle straps and a silicon aquablock-print at the chest-zip preventing water from getting inside, you are ready to face all weather conditions.

5/3 mm neoprene
Chest zipper
Drainage thermo
Full flex neoprene
Neoprene tape inside
Glued stitched construction
Minimal seam technology
Aqua block print
Detachable ankle straps
Dry lock cuffs
Protective kneepad
Water drain system
Tall sizes