Jobe Progress Remix 3/2,5 Blue Mens Full Suit Wetsuit - S (48)

Item number 303515013-S

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How can you make the tried and tested even better? ... you replace standard neoprene with full flex in order to achieve optimal flexibility and freedom of movement with maximum protection. Jobe has been delivering all wetsuits in full flex quality since 2015. As an additional improvement, Jobe has added tight-fitting, rolled-up sealing cuffs on the arm and leg ends, which keep cold water outside and warm water inside.

Progress Remix Fullsuit - JOBE bestseller at a great price-performance ratio.

Suit for warm waters with 3.0mm neoprene on the body and 2.5mm on the arms and legs. Effectively protects against cooling down during water sports. For boating and water sports activities such as wakeboarding, water skiing, snorkeling, diving, surfing, jet skiing and fun sports equipment (e.g. tubes, bobs, banana, ocean rider, etc.).

The highlights of the Progress Remix are a non-constricting neck, the individually adjustable ruff and a very smooth YKK metal back zip lined with neoprene, flat stitched seams and smooth skin neoprene in the chest area (more warmth and comfort). The suit has integrated knee pads for protection. The suit is seamlessly processed under the arms, which prevents chafing on the skin.

Temperature recommendations:
Water sports activities on the water from a water temperature of approx. 15 ° C.
Diving, snorkeling from approx. 25 ° C water temperature (depending on how cold it is).

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