Jobe Impress Full Suit Semi Flex 3.0/2.5 Men Wetsuit - Size XL

Item number 303514006

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3.0/2.5mm: When the days get a little colder, the 3.0mm chest and back panel provides additional warmth. The legs and arms are 2.5mm neoprene.

Semi Flex: A combination between standard neoprene and flex neoprene. These flex panels are used in the areas that need the greatest flexibility like under arms, in the lower back and crotch.

Hydrophobic: Mesh panels on the outside of the suit are water-repellent and therefore provided added warmth.

Glide skin Seals: Soft and comfortable “Glide skin” prevents water from coming in and out again, making the suit warmer.

Flatlock: A comfortable flat stitch construction that is soft to the skin and super strong.

3D Kneepads: Provides extra protection for your suit. The knee panels are covered with a 3D rubber pad.