Jobe Aspen 4/3 Slate Steamer Flex Full Suit Women semidry suit

Item number 303516001-XL

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<img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-4030.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="Our thicker wetsuit offers a maximum 4.0 mm neoprene on your back and chest panel and a very comfortable 3.0 mm on the arms and legs. This is the ultimate suit, perfect for winter and early spring days when you need added warmth."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-NUC.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="Our masterpiece. This is our most comfortable suit made from 100% Nuclear Flex neoprene and designed to give ultimate freedom of movement."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-XTEND.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="Better than ever this stretchy, waterproof, and super strong seam uses GBS construction combined with an extra fluid rubber tape on the outside for added durability."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-GYM.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="Gymnast Construction is as flexible as you can get! Large one-piece panels and minimum use of seams give the ultimate in flex and comfort."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-100MELT.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="Full 100% meltdown thermo lining is used for maximum flex, warmth and comfort."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-ATOM.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="This ultra-resistant and ultra-high endurance kneepad is designed to keep your wetsuit lasting for years. This technology is designed for extreme movement and flexibility."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-WDS.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="This system uses perforated neoprene that allows water to flow effortlessly through the suit to help drain and dry quickly."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-ANTI.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="Our backup shield is strategically placed in front of the backzip to ensure water never enters your suit."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-DRY.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="Dry Lock wrist cuffs are used to keep water out by providing a snug yet comfortable fit that countours strategically to repel water entry during impact. This is the creme of the crop."><img src="/layout/wafra/specs/wetsuits/WS-HYDRO.jpg" alt="Wetsuits" title="Hydrophobic Skin panels on the outside of the suit and jacket are strategically positioned to help maintain warmth and repel water.">

An ice cold and cool grey design that will take you straight to Aspen fending off the cold like no other. This wetsuit is extremely flexible and warm due to its full meltdown thermo. Stay nice´n toasty

<img src="/layout/wafra/size_charts/howtomeasure.jpg" alt="wetsuits"><br /><br /> <img src="/layout/wafra/size_charts/Wetsuits-Women.png" alt="wetsuits">