Spinera Bungee Rope 1-4 Persons Towable Rope

Item number 19377

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Spinera Bungee Rope 1-4 Persons Towable Rope

Carry up to: 4100 lbs / 1860kg
Length: 50ft (13m + 2m elastic)
1 Section Rope
Capacity: 4 Persons
Strands: 16 / 12 yellow + 4 red
Floating: Yes
Color: Yellow/Red

Go extreme with our Bungee Rope and enter a new dimension of riding. Besides the fun, it reduces stress on your boat and towables with a 50ft (15m) main line and 1 section to adjust the length of the rope. It can carry up to 4100LBS (1860kg).

• Length: 50ft (15m) 43'-13m + 7'-2m elastic. / Max Rider: 1 to 4 people.
• Not suitable for ocean riders (large bananas). / One of the strongest towable ropes on the market.
• Bungee effect in curves and when accelerating. / Less stress when starting off and on the boat.
• For enjoyable and comfortable trips. / Brake strenght: 4100 lbs (1860 kg).
• Ropes linings: 16/12 yellow + 4 red / buoyancy line: yes / color yellow