SHARK SUP's Waterproof Phone Case

Item number 1902316300-G

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SHARK SUP's Waterproof Phone Case

If your think smartphone is your life we totally agree and you should protect it with the Shark SUPs Waterproof case. You can breathe a sigh of relief (phew!) in the rain, at the beach or by the pool, because this waterproof case prevents leakage so you’re smart and stylish gizmo stays in great shape.

You can even chill out to your fave tunes underwater. That’s just too cool for words, especially if you’re a seahorse.

Before we forget it, the bag floats and keeps your precious smartphone afloat if you lose it in the water!

- Shields your smartphone from scratches and damage so it’s way better than wrapping it up in layer upon layer of bubble wrap
- Huge transparent windows keep the screen visible and lets you snap a selfie on the move
- IPX7 waterproof standards so you can stay connected outdoors
- Compatible with most cell phones, 3.5 – 6 inch
- Colour: Blue, Green

Delivery Content:
1 Piece Waterproof Phone Case (green or blue colour)