Shark SUP's Straight Sup Leash black 10ft

Item number 1919120000

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10' Shark SUP's Straight SUP Board Leash Surf Board Leash

• Type: Straight Leash
• Length: 10' (305cm).
• Leash Thickness: 9mm.
• Color: Black.
• Double padded Neoprene strap.
• With quick release loop.
• Incl. hidden key pocket.
• Extra strong hook and loop fastener.
• Triple "Rail Saver" closure.
• Very high quality PU leash (polyurethane).
• Two stainless steel pivot bearings.

Very high quality straight Leash for your SUP board. The Shark SUP Straight Leash is 10 feet long and has two swivel joints made of stainless steel, which prevent a "twisting" or "tangling" of the leash.

The Velcro on the leash has a hidden key pocket integrated to carry a small key.

The leash is first class for iSUP's, stand up paddle boards, surfers and surf boards, the PU leash has a diameter of 9mm and offers sufficient safety, durability and comfort.

With the 305cm long SUP Leash from Shark SUPs you always stay in touch with your board. So you can not "lose" the SUP!

Top quality!

In the event of a defect, the neoprene belt, rail saver and leash can be quickly and easily replaced by the two separate pivot bearings. The individual components are each mounted with a 16 mm long fin screw. With a standard fin key you will be able to quickly rebuild a usable and functioning leash from two broken leashes, if the same parts of the line are not broken.

You should always have a spare leash with you so that you do not have to end the session due to a broken leash!
With us you get a very high quality leash in brand quality from Shark SUP's at a great price as we buy the item directly from the manufacturer, without any middleman!