Spinera SUP4 High Pressure rechargeable 12V Pump, 16 PSI - NEW with almost all adapters

Item number 20275

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Spinera SUP4 High Pressure rechargeable 12V Pump, 16 PSI

New for 2021 - one pump for everything!
With adapters for all common SUP models as well as for kayak, boat, tube, towable, bananas and other inflatable items!

• High Pressure Pump.
• Hose 100 cm / AC charger.
• Analog display, inflate and deflate.
• Rechargeable battery.
• Lithium battery, 6000mAH.
• 12 Volt connection for direct usage (e.g. cigarette lighter)
• 110W(A) 100W(B).
• 350(A)L/min 70(B)L/min * inflate and deflate 3,0 kg.

Great 2 way SUP pump (fill and drain) up to 16 PSI with lithium battery and 12 Volt connection for the cigarette lighter. You can use the pump in two ways.

Option 1: Charge the pump's lithium battery with the supplied USB cable (approx. 7 hours)
Option 2: Direct operation on a 12 Volt connection (e.g. on a cigarette lighter)

With the 2 options, you can not only use the rechargeable pump in battery mode (if the battery is charged), but also operate it directly on a 12 Volt connection (e.g. on a cigarette lighter). Simply set the desired pressure using a selector lever and start the pump. The pump stops automatically as soon as the preselected pressure is reached.

High pressure to inflate or deflate your tent, boat, SUP, kayak, towable, banana or other inflatables easily

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