Spinera High Pressure 12V Pump, 16 PSI

Item number 19504

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Spinera High Pressure 12V Pump, 16 PSI

- SUP High Pressure 
- Pump autom. stop
- small innovative design 

Material: ABS + PA
Voltage: DC 12V
Pressure: 16PSI
Accessories: Cabel: 3m, one hose 100cm with one nozzle
Airflow: 95 Litre/min
Product Size: 23x14x12cm
Weight: 1,22Kg

Set up the PSI first, pump will stop automaticaly when reach the setted PSI

High pressure to inflate tent, boat, SUP easily (no deflation, inflation modus only)

Inflation time 10,10 sup 15 cm:
for 10 PSI - about 15 minutes
for 15 PSI - about 20 minutes

76 DB

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