Spinera High Pressure 12V Pump, 16 PSI - NEW with almost all adapters

Item number 19399

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Spinera High Pressure 12V Pump, 16 PSI

New for 2021 - one pump for everything!
With adapters for all common SUP models as well as for kayak, boat, tube, towable, bananas and other inflatable items!

• Electric high pressure SUP pump
• The pump stops automatically
• Small innovative design
• Digital LCD screen and touch button Material: ABS + PA

Voltage: DC 12V
Pressure: 16 PSI
Accessories: Cable: 3m, a 100cm hose with multi adapter for most of the inflatable items like SUP's, Towables, Kayaks, Inflatables and many others
Air flow: 70 l / min
Product size: 23x14x12cm
Weight: 1.4 kg

Set the PSI first, the pump will stop automatically when it has reached the set pressure.

High pressure pump for inflating SUPs, tents, boats, etc.

The pump can only inflate, not deflate!

Inflation time 10.10 sup 15cm
for 10 PSI - about 15 minutes
for 15 PSI - about 20 minutes

76 DB

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