Aquaglide Turbo HP Pump 12 V - 20 PSI

Item number 15335

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Aquaglide Turbo HP Pump 12 V for SUP & Kayak

A brand new option, the powerful 12v Turbo HP Pump has a two-stage motor for quick inflation and high pressure capability up to 20 psi (1,4 bar). Connects to battery with heavy duty cable alligator clips and also includes optional cigarette lighter fitting. Inflate and deflate using kink-proof hose and attached fittings for Boston, and Halkey-Roberts type valves. Best for inflating Aquaglide HB kayaks or any other high-pressure watersports equipement.

Specifications: 15 A @ 12vDC,
20.0 psi (1,4 bar) max, - 10cfm
Weight 1 lb (0,45 kg)

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