Spinera Performance Fiberglass SUP Paddle

Item number 20309

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Spinera Performance Fiberglass SUP Paddle

The Spinera Performance Fiberglass SUP paddle can be individually adjusted to any length thanks to its design. It is therefore the paddle that is best suited for all body sizes. Thanks to the highest quality manufacturing processes and the best processed materials, the Spinera Performance Fiberglass SUP paddle is an indispensable companion on SUP paddle tours.

-Aluminium shaft with 1.4mm thickness
-Diameter of 1.13” (28.6 mm)
-Length: 70.9”-86.6” (180-220 cm)
- 3-section

-70% nylon + 30% fiberglass

Detailed information:
-Length adjustable - individually adjustable for each size
-Inexpensive SUP Fiberglass Paddle
-Color: Black
-Weight: ca. 850g / 30 oz

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