SHARK SUPs Full Carbon Pro Paddle 3section

Item number 1903061600

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SHARK SUPs Carbon Pro Paddle 3section

Carbon iSUP paddle

The ultimate professional iSUP paddle for SUP.
100% carbon blade (99% Carbon, 1% Epoxy cloth / Carbon cloth), super light and fast

• Length: 68''– 87'' (173cm – 220cm)
• 3 sections

• Lenght x Width: 19'' x 8¼'' (48cm x 21cm)

• 680g / 25 oz

Handle Section: 75,5cm
Middle Section: 91cm
Blade Section: 83cm

Unlike other carbon paddles this 3-piece high-end carbon telescope paddle by Shark SUPs is 100% made of genuine carbon fiber (99% carbon / 1% carbon/epoxy cloth) and a real eye-catcher. 

It is height adjustable, feather light, buoyant, super stable and durable. Only about 680 grams light it is characterized by a comfortable, ergonomic T-handle and is individually adjustable from 173-221cm.

The paddle blade has a width of about 21cm and a length of about 48cm. This is perfection for real performers!

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1 Piece SHARK SUPs Full Carbon Pro Paddle 3section