Aquaglide Rhythm Carbon 85 inch uncut

Item number 13245

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Aquaglide Rythm Carbon 85"

Rhythm Carbon paddles offer the benefits of a Superlight carbon shaft combined with a Rhythm carbon blade to produce the lightest, most efficient paddles in the range. Superlight shafts are Flex-Optimized to use reflex response for maximum stroke efficiency. The Rhythm blade offers a smaller face with less resistance for increased paddle stroke cadence. The results are better acceleration, greater efficiency and less fatigue on the long hauls. Includes carbon T-handle. Available Uncut in Carbon, or our exclusive Custom wood veneer finish (Bamboo or Walnut).

Specs: 85" Uncut (Carbon finish)
Blade size 99 square inches, 27 ounces, 29 ounces adjustable.

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