SHARK SUPs 9'2'' Surf – Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Item number SAS-280-2020

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SHARK SUPs 9′2'' Surf - Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Good for:

Paddlers up to 75kg looking for a good beginner to intermediate dedicated surf SUP.

The 9'2 is a great board for those wanting a board designed specifically for surf to improve their SUP surfing. Its pulled in tail and nose allow you to turn the board effortlessly on and off the wave. At 9'2 x 30 it offers a good compromise of glide, stability and manoeuvrability to make your SUP surfing more enjoyable. Improvements for 2020 include removal of bungees and the addition of the Shark Kick Tail (SKT) to help you make those radical turns. This board is designed to surf, however can be a great board for kids to use because its light, manoeuvrable and with its 2+1 fin setup tracks well.Manufactured from Shark Fusion Technology (SFT) , the optimum balance of weight and durability.

In the box:

    Aluminium Paddle
    Quick Release Shark Fin
    Shark Coiled Leash
    High-Pressure dual action SUPer hand pump
    Standard Backpack
    Waterproof phone case
    Repair kit