SHARK SUPs 8' Yoga Mat – Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Item number SYM244-2020

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SHARK SUPs 8' Yoga Mat - Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Good for:

People looking to practice SUP yoga in calm sheltered water, close to shore or in swimming pools.

Carrying handles are positioned on the sides of the board, so they don't get in the way and the Shark Skin EVA deck pad acts as your Yoga Mat allowing you to perform your yoga poses comfortably. Its outline shape and width gives the perfect stable platform for you to enjoy yoga afloat. Its compact size means it packs away extremely small and is easy to travel with and store.Manufactured from Shark Fusion Technology (SFT), the optimum balance of weight and durability.

In the box:

    High-Pressure dual action SUPer hand pump
    Standard Backpack
    Waterproof phone case
    Repair kit