SHARK SUPs 18' Kraken – Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Item number SWF-550-2020

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SHARK SUPs 18' Kraken - Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Good for:

Having loads of fun in groups of up to 8. Families, parties, school groups and friends can have a completely new and exciting paddling experience with the Kraken.

Teamwork is the name of the game when paddling the Kraken. Work together to paddle distance, catch waves and have loads of fun together. At 18’ long and 78” wide, it's stable for up to 8 adults and you can even bring the dog! The Shark Skin EVA deck pad helps to keep everyone standing while you find your rhythm and master the challenge of the multi person SUP. Equipped with multiple leashing points, carrying handles and inflation points, it's safe to use, easy to transport to the water and quick to inflate and deflate. We supply you with not one, but three pumps so even inflating can become a fun group activity or team building exercise.Constructed with our durable single layer technology in 8” thickness means the Kraken packs up compactly for its size and only needs to be inflated to 12 psi to be ready to paddle.

In the box:

    3x Aluminium Paddle
    3x Shark Coiled Leash
    3x High-Pressure dual action SUPer hand pump
    Standard Backpack
    Waterproof phone case
    Repair kit