SHARK SUP 12’6 Touring - Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Item number STW-381-2020

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Shark SUP 12'6'' Touring Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Good for:

Paddlers up to 120kg looking for improved glide and top speed for optimum SUP touring performance or an entry into SUP racing. The touring range is a step up from our entry level All Round range, with a sleeker outline shape this range allows you to go faster and cover more distance without compromising stability.

The 12’6’ x 30 is the most popular of the Touring range, offering the best glide, tracking and stability to suit the widest range of paddlers. At 30’’ wide the 12’6 Touring board is a sleek, faster shape demanding slightly more balance, however you will be rewarded by smooth gliding allowing you to cover more distance. Its 12’6 length offers an optimum balance of glide, speed and manoeuvrability. Let your touring adventure begin!

In the box:

    Aluminium Paddle
    Quick Release Shark Fin
    Shark Coiled Leash
    High-Pressure dual action SUPer hand pump
    Standard Backpack
    Waterproof phone case
    Repair kit


Shark SUP UV Schutz

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