Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina Super Trip Tandem 427 x 86 x 15cm - inflatable SUP Set

Item number 20174

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Aqua Marina Super Trip Tandem 427 x 86 x 15cm - inflatable SUP Set

Super size, super fun! There are not many outdoor activities that the whole family can participate in together. The Super Trip Tandem allows you to explore even the most remote places with a partner or with their children. Tailored to the needs of two adults, plus a child and accessories, it offers sufficient stability and load-bearing capacity.

The tandem offers enough space to take everything you need for an adventure and new discoveries.

The brand new double-layered iSUP is equipped with two valves and two pumps.

Volume: 500l
Width: 86cm / 34''''
Length: 427cm / 14''0''''
Thickness: 15cm / 6''''
Net Weight: 15.4 kg / 34 lbs
Capacity: 230kg / 507 lbs
maximum air pressure: 18 psi

• High buoyancy volume for families or heavy loads.
• Two additional durable nylon handles on each side ensure easy handling and easy re-entry.
• Carrying handles on bow and rear
• Triple fin system: Retractable middle fin with two additional side fins.
• EVA foam. For maximum traction and best standing

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