Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina MEGA 550 x 152 x 20 cm - SUP inflatable complete set

Item number 20175

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Aqua Marina MEGA 550 x 152 x 20 cm  - SUP inflatable complete set

Exactly what you need if you want to have a lot of fun with your friends at Stand Up Paddling.

It has capacity for up to 7 of your friends and has been tested under the toughest conditions. The Mega can be used for surfing, as well as for tours on shallow waters or rivers.
So it provides strength and stability in all waters.

The nose rocker makes steering easier. Integrated cargo D-rings with easy-to-adjust bungee rope to connect luggage.

13 heavy-duty neoprene handles for easy transport.

The Mega can be easily rolled up and stored in the enclosed bag when uninflated.

Volume: 1400l
Width: 152cm / 60''''
Length: 550cm / 18''1''''
Net Weight: 27.5kg / 60.6lbs
Capacity: max 650kg / 1433lbs
Finns: 5 center Finns
maximum air pressure: 8 psi

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