Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina Drift Angel ISUP 330x97x15cm

Item number 20180

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Aqua Marina Drift Angel ISUP 330x97x15cm

The drift's two-sided double-chamber system provides maximum stability for a perfect paddle and fishing experience.

-Fix integrated carrying handle
-EVA Foamtop for best standing and more comfort.
-Two fishing rod holders
-Removable fish cooler with comfortable backrest.
-Super robust and durable 15cm drop stitch material provides best stability.

The best fishing companion you could wish for. Small, but oho, the 29l. - Drift KOOL cooler is made of an extra thick insulation. The fish in it or frozen ice keep perfectly cooled for up to 8 hours. Equipped with a comfortable backrest, padded foam seat, bait storage compartment and a carrying handle for easy handling. Wherever you take this portable cooler, the rugged one-piece construction will surely withstand all the rigors of the journey. L:61cm x W:32cm x H:34 cm

Drift Specs:
•Volume: 284l.
•Net weight: 24.5 lbs - 11.1 kg.
•Max Payload: 286 lbs - 130kg.
•Finnen System: 1 Center Finn
•Max Air Pressure: 15psi

Package includes:
Zipper Backpack, Safety Coil Leash, Double Action Pump, Sports III Paddle, Kool Fishing Cooler, Paddle Holder, Slide-in Finn