Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina Airship Race 427 x 69 x 15cm - SUP

Item number 20176

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Aqua Marina Airship Race 427 x 69 x 15cm - SUP

The Airship race combines extreme speeds with team spirit.
The streamlined narrow contour allows drivers to drive very straight to increase acceleration as fast as possible.

The curvy nose rocker and the high sides let the board glide over the water and make racing a great pleasure even in waves.

On the SUP, 8 neoprene side handles are attached, which not only facilitates transport, but also allows a faster start in the race.

The Aqua Marina Airship is the perfect speed machine for clubs, team buildings, events or parties.
It's also the best and funniest way to get people on the water.

Volume: 1000l
Width: 87cm / 34''''
Length: 670cm / 22''0''''
Thickness: 20cm / 8''''
Net Weight: 23.6kg / 52lbs
Capacity: 460 kg / 1014lbs
Finns: 1 racing Finn
maximum air pressure: 18 psi