Spinera Towable Rope, 4 Person

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Spinera Towrope 4 Persons Heavy Duty Tow-Rope

Heavy Duty Tow Rope - extra strong floatable tow rope, for multi-person inflatables (large tubes of 4 and more people).

• Length: 18m (60ft)
• For multi-person towables.
• Very strong, reinforced towrope.
• 16 times braided with 84 strands.
• Floatable.
• Traction: 4150 lbs / 1860 Kg
• Colour blue

Extra-strong, buoyant tow rope for multi-person inflatables such as Lets Go3, Lets Go 4, Wing 4, Lunar, Sonar, General, Chaser, small Bananas from Hypalon and others. Ideal for tubes, towables, skibobs and other large inflatables up to 4 people.