Airhead Magma Kneeboard AHKB-2 Kneeboard Package exhibition model

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Airhead Magma Kneeboard AHKB-2 Kneeboard Complete Set (exhibit model)

The package deal includes the Airhead Magma Kneeboard, a Spinera Universal Vest (universal water ski vest from 75-130cm chest circumference / weight range 40-100 kg), as well as a Jobe Kneeboard Combo Rope (specially developed kneeboard leash for advanced driving as well as for tricks & maneuvers and to start super easy with the Eazy Up / Hydro-Hook) and a transparent carrying bag for the board.

The board was in our exhibition room for 2 years, so it may have minimal signs of use and is therefore sold at a special price!

Scope of delivery:
• Magma Kneeboard Red (exhibition model).
• Kneeboard combo leash with Handle and additional V-grip (new).
• Spinera Universal Vest red or yellow life jacket (chest size 75-130cm) - new.
• Transparent carrying bag to protect the kneeboard from damage.

Airhead Magma Kneeboard exhibition model
• Ideal board for all skill levels.
• Dimensions: 52'' x 21'' x 6,4'' (136 x 57 x 16cm).
• Weight: 16,5 lbs (7,48 Kg).
• “Swallow-tail design” that supports turns and spins.
• Solid rocker and beveled edges for "sharp cornering".
• Bevelled edges for a solid, fluid and forgiving run.
• Unique floor constructions reduce the water tension for easy, responsive driving over the wave.
• Robust 2” neoprene covered webbing single lock strap.
• The “eazy-up-handle-hook” allows beginners to get up quickly and easily and automatically folds back seamlessly when not in use.
• Deep knee pads provide optimal comfort and control.

The Magma Kneeboard has the classic twin tip "spoon shape", which gives a stable, comfortable position in the water and is easy to ride for every user. With its durable PVC, it is almost indestructible. It has beveled edges and an ergonomic knee pad, combined with a very high quality single lock strap knee strap.

Despite the fact that this board is also used by advanced riders, beginners will get along very well with it. The Eazy Up Hook (starting aid for water starts) enables inexperienced riders to quickly and easily learn to start water behind the boat. The hook is there when needed and gone as soon as the handle was picked up (disappears into the board).

Jobe kneeboard combo kneeboard leash
Specs: 13 ”Smooth grip + extra 6” grip, 2 section 65ft mainline
• Extra device for kneeboards with Eazy Up / Hydra Hook, so that the handle remains free at the start.
• Ideal for all skill levels.
• 2 x 5ft (1.52m) extensions.
• 1 x 55ft (16.76m) main line.
• PE leash.

Jobe Kneeboard Handle with main line and additional V-Grip. Simplifies the start or the closing of the knee strap. Thanks to the integrated 6 "(15cm) additional handle (V-Grip), which is placed into the Easy-Up-Hook mechanism during the start, the rider has both hands free and can close the knee strap comfortably and easily. In addition, the pressure is on the additional handle only. This allows the handle to be picked up easily and comfortably after the strap has been closed. A really ingenious accessory.

Spinera Universal Vest red or yellow
Specifications / Features:
• 50N buoyancy aid, CE according to the norm ISO 12402.5
• Makes the vest light and dries extremely quickly.
• Light foam; consists of several layers

Universal vest with individually adjustable 3 buckle closure system. Due to the universal size, the water ski vest fits people with a chest circumference of 75-130cm. This means that you can cover almost all required sizes with one vest. Ideal for a Family or if several vests sizes are needed at once.