Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina Steam 10´3" 312x83cm 1 Person Kayak

Item number 1936920

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Aqua Marina Steam 10´3" 312x83cm

The STEAM series is one of the best inflatable touring kayaks on the market. The combination of superior hull speed, outstanding durability and tracking capabilities make this kayak best in class.

Both STEAM-312 and STEAM-412 mix Aqua Marina super-tough reinforced PVC material and rigid drop-stitched DWF floor.

These ultra-stiff materials in the STEAM’s construction make a portable air-kayak so rigid that performs just as good as a traditional hard shell kayak. A perfect choice for long distance adventures and mild river running.

Steam 10´3" Specs:
LENGTH: 10'3" / 312cm
WIDTH: 31”/ 80cm
MAX. PAYLOAD: 209 lbs / 95 kg
WEIGHT: 25.4 lbs / 11.5 kg
DRAIN VALVES: 1+8 self bailing

Package Includes:
Zip Carry Bag, 16“ Hand Pump, Seat, 2 Kayak fins

Paddles are not included and have to be purchased separately.

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