Jetpilot ULTIMATE LANYARD for Kawasaki PWC - Emergency Cord

Item number 18160

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Jetpilot PWC Lanyard KAWASAKI

The Ultimate Lanyard™ will operate with Kawasaki PWC (except digitally encoded D.E.E.S Sea-Doos)

Stainless Key Ring:
Great for Kawasaki devices or car and house keys.

Attachment options:
This is a matter of preference. Either clip onto the wrist band orivided or to the D-Ring on your life jacket. If there is no D-Ring on your life jacket, clip to a belt strip on your life jacket. Do not clip onto a belt loop, since it may tear.

The whistle is pealess, an important safety feature in the marine enviroment. VERY LOUD! DO NOT BLOW IN SOMEONE'S EAR!

• Simply attach with floating wrist band or d-ring of your lifejacket 
• Pealess high pitched whistle for emergencies