Jetpilot JP RX Matrix Race Goggle Red PWC Jetski Goggles

Item number 19130

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Jetpilot JP RX Matrix Race Goggle Red

• Goggle X-Wings for Seamless Helmet Fit
• Hi Vis frame and strap colours facilitate fast location/retrieval
• Outer frame helps provide perfect fit and stability at speed
• Multi colour gradient print
• Large lens area provides optimum visibility
• Supplied with Smoke Polarised and Clear Lenses – Polarised lens blocks 100% of harmful UV light and eliminates glare
• Clear Lens with anti scratch coating both sides
• High Density silicone logo on 45mm strap with silicone coated inner to eliminate slippage
• Floating Capability using exclusive JP Foam composition - Unsinkable One Size

Color: Red

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