Monster Tower - Kicker Double Barrel Speaker 2,5

Item number 13653

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MT Kicker Double Barrel Speaker 2,5

Our Kicker double barrel wakeboard tower speakers bring a new level of affordable performance. Four cans, two quick release mounts and FOUR (4) coaxial drivers starting at $889 make these the most affordable tower speakers that also look great and sound great too! They can also be combined with the single barrel speakers to provide a, “six pack”, on a Monster Tower for insane tower audio.

-Available in Polished and Anodized or powder coated black aluminum cans

-Quick release billet aluminum clamps with polished and anodized finish

-Brackets allow the speakers to be quickly turned around to face the front of the boat, "aimed", or removed for storage and trailering

-Gold plated billet binding posts and rubber washer to ensure a sealed enclosure

-Includes universal inserts to fit ANY tower 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" in diameter

Works with the Monster Tower Bimini Top

Weight - 9 lbs each / 18 lbs per pair

Sound Level at 80' is 86 dB with 100W RMS/Speaker

Color: Chrome

Due to the European warehouse items which are currently not orderable even available for your within a few days!

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