Monster Tower - Swivel Wake-Surf Rack 2,5

Item number 13622

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MT Swivel Wake-Surf Rack 2,5

The Swivel Wakeboard/Surfboard Rack brings the boards to you with a two-position pull pin lock system. This rack holds 2 wakeboards/wakeskates or 1 surfboard and 1 wakeboard/wakeskate (1.25" and 2.75" fork widths). This rack has the thickest bumper available to protect your board and includes a flexible tab to reduce rattle of thinner boards. Additionally, these racks include an easy to use UV resistant shockcord which holds wakeboards, surfboards, and wakeskates in place.

Featuring a brushed and anodized finish for superior corrosion resistance, each rack is designed to fit 2-1/2" towers.

Swivel feature affords easy access to boards from within the boat
Larger fork is 2-3/4" wide
Fits 2-1/2" diameter towers
Holds 2 wakeboards/wakeskates or 1 surfboard and 1 wakeboard/wakeskate
Long lasting brushed, bright dipped anodized finish
Thick rubber bumper protects boat and boards
UV resistant heavy duty shock cord holds boards safely in place

Due to the European warehouse items which are currently not orderable even available for you within a few days!

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