Monster Tower - Tower Black

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MTK Tower Black

The stunning MTK forward-facing tower is designed to complement and enhance the appearance of your boat. You have a choice of polished and anodized aluminum tower or a black powder-coated finish to match your boat's trim and accents. You also have mounting options including gunwale or side mount and forward or aft folding. Lastly, Monster Towers are affordable - so even after your tower purchases you'll still be able to trick it out with a wide range of accessories including racks, speakers, lights and more.

MTK Tower Features:

-Universal-fit: for all boats longer than 16 feet, 60” - 102” wide.
-2.5" diameter 6063-T6 aluminum pipe construction affords strength, quality surface finish and superior corrosion resistance.
-Quick release mounts all folding forward or aft.
-Dual top supports for additional accessory mounts.
-Choice of polish and anodized or black powder-coated.
-Easy to install at home or by your local Monster Tower dealer.
-Five year warranty.
-Monster Tower Guarantee: If you don't love your Monster Tower, we want it back.

Due to the European warehouse items which are currently not orderable even available for your within a few days!

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